Delivery & Pickup

Delivery & Pickup


Delivery is free for the first 20 miles. Thereafter is costs $4.00 a loaded mile (just 1 way). Your site must be prepared, see below. You must also ensure we are able to get to your prepared site with our truck without obstruction of trees, buildings and other obstacles.


We are located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our address is:

E.Z. Storage Barns
275 W. Farmersville Rd
Leola, PA 17540

Site Preparation

Whether you pickup or we delivery, your site must be level and prepared. We recommend 4-6″ of crushed stone (2RC or 2A modified) for the foundation. However, cinderblocks may be used for 6′ and 8′ wide models. Our skid configurations are diagramed below.


Payment terms are as follows: 30% down payment to start your custom shed or barn, balance upon completion. We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa and Mastercard. “2% Discount given if paid with cash or check.”

skid spacing measurements