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Highwall A-Frame Backyard Storage Shed

The Highwall A-Frame comes with 2 windows & shutters and a standard door. Highwall A-Frames standard doors are:

  6' unit = 36" single door

  8' unit = 52" double door

  10' unit = 60" double door

  12' unit = 72" double door

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Other Options:

Single or Double Doors

Loft, 4 Ft.

Wider or Higher Door

Wood Corners instead of Aluminum

Garage Door, 9x7

Flower Boxes

3/4 Inch Heavy Flooring

Weather Vane

12 Inch Center Joists

Cupola on Roof

Vents in Gable

Reverse Gable

Pressure Treated Floor


Ridge Vent

Porch with Railing



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