The Top Shed Builders NJ Has to Offer

High-Quality Storage Sheds for Sale in NJ 

Nothing is more convenient for storing all your lawn and garden equipment and supplies than an outdoor storage shed, and to handle the occasionally severe weather in New Jersey, it should be one that’s very well built. That’s exactly what you get with the Amish sheds in NJ sold by EZ Storage Barns. Our custom-built storage sheds and barns are all constructed by Amish shed builders, who take great pride in their work and deliver top quality with every single product. That can give you the kind of confidence you need so that all your possessions will be safe and secure inside your custom-built shed.

Your Personal Amish Shed

The shed builders NJ has to offer don’t take the cookie-cutter approach to shed-building. Whatever you want to be included in your custom design, that’s what will be incorporated into the final product. Here are some of the areas you can customize, and inject your own personal preferences:

  • Size of your shed or barn
  • Exterior materials for construction
  • Roof and shutter colors
  • Shutters and doors
  • The siding of your storage shed


If you opt for our Highwall A-Frame model, you can include an extra 36″ single door, and you can substitute batten siding for the standard vinyl. These options can also be included on some other models we offer, such as the Garden Sheds or Cape-Style Sheds. These specific sheds for sale in NJ has been popular throughout the entire New England area for ages, and are still very functional and very popular.

Affordability of Our Sheds in NJ

The high quality and ease of customization are not the only appealing features of our Amish sheds for sale in NJ, because we also make them as affordable as possible for customers. At EZ Storage Barns, we recognize that New Jersey residents are interested in making long-term investments in high-quality storage sheds and barns, and that you want the maximum return on your investment. That’s why we routinely offer special discounts and bargains that can make your investment even sweeter.

We also offer rent-to-own options that can make it very easy for anyone in the state to own just the right kind of storage shed or barn to fit their circumstances. All these price breaks and renting options are made available to our customers because we feel that once you’ve worked with our NJ shed builders for even a few days, you’ll fall in love with it, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Your personalized NJ shed will not only deliver superior performance over the years, but it will look like a work of art in your yard, and that will have all your neighbors buzzing about it.

The Versatility of Our Amish Sheds

You’ll quickly discover that there are a million and one ways you can use your new custom-built Amish shed. All of your outdoor equipment and materials can safely be stored in your shed, or you could use it for office space with a few extra accessories added. Your kids could use it as a play area, or your wife could use it for her sewing practice. Anyone in the family can use it for a quiet space to get away from the chaos of the household for a while. Some people have even used their custom-built Amish sheds in NJ for an animal shelter or a Tiny House. Whatever you plan to use yours for, you can count on it lasting a long time, and delivering top-notch shelter for any and all purposes.